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Nelson English 10

Offering dynamic content to capture students’ interest with a blend of traditional and modern selections, Nelson English 10 provides you with print and digital formats to suit you and your students’ needs.


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Student Book Features

Classic Literature with a Twist

The student book has been divided into four units: Conflict, Innovation, Humour, and Perspective.

These units provide a variety of classic poetry with modern short stories and articles.

Current and Engaging Content

Real world topics such as bullying, equity, and changing society motivate students to engage with each selection.

Sophisticated Look

Each selection contains a variety of powerful visuals to develop visual literacy and keep students interested in their readings.

The designs include word clouds, info-graphics, visual art photos, and much more.

Teacher’s Resource

Support for analysis and evaluation of literacy devices, elements of style, and genre/text forms

  • Comprehensive instructional framework covering all curriculum strands
  • Practice tests for provincial exam preparation
  • Integrated Assessment for and of learning:
    • Modifiable rubrics for co-construction of criteria
    • Self-assessment checklists for students
    • Comprehensive diagnostic and summative assessments

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